Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am clairvoyant... or however you spell it.

Okay, so explain this to me (if you can).

Last night I had a dream about a basketball game. And Greg Oden was running the floor, moving really well, jumping up and blocking a couple of shots. I have no idea why I dreamed this. I don't really know anything about Greg Oden. I haven't seen anything lately about Greg Oden. He has been injured and out of the spotlight all year. There is absolutely no good reason why I should be dreaming about Greg Oden.

So I wake up this morning and log on to There is an article that Greg Oden played a pick-up game yesterday and his team is upset with him for it.

If that isn't proof of my magnificent clairvoyanescency, I don't know what is.


Stewart Van Buskirk said...

"...clairvoyanescency..." Nice!

Into the Wood's said...

I am truly amazed!

Clairvoyant said...

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