Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crushing on Kira

A place, where nobody dared to go...

I'm not ashamed to admit that the movie Xanadu made me cry. Olivia Newton-John with that high ponytale and her roller skates -- I was deeply in love, man. And when she vanished into thin air saying "I will love you forevah" and her lame love dude had to skate head-on into that massive muralled wall to bring her back from that neon yellow Tron place... oh, my poor young heart. What did she see in that Sonny Malone guy anyway? He had all the charisma of a bowl of oatmeal (Tuesday's Wednesday -- you tell him Sonny!), and yet they made him out to be this massive lady-killer. But he had Kira -- the muse -- and he got to dance (or at least violently shake his shoulders out of rhythm) to all that awesome ELO music. It's one of the greatest awful movies of all time. So to my elusive roller-skating muse, Kira -- I dedicate this most recent of my many narcissistic efforts to you.


Melissa said...

You're too hard on Sonny, who wouldn't love a man in butt tight shorts? And he dosen't JUST shake his shoulders out of rhythm... he snaps too.
Besides when he is a cartoon, even as a bird, he is so sweet and caring. Sometimes I make Greg ride around on roller-skates while I sing "Magic" just to recreate the beauty that is Xanadu, Xana-doo-oo- oou!

Glenn Ostlund said...

Right, who can forget the snapping. But it's the shaking and bobbing that was so formative in my own dancing education (check out the 5:19 and 5:28 points in the youtube video). He's also got some really slick moves at 6:01, although they mostly just have him standing around. And is it my imagination, or did Alicia Keys time travel for a 5-second cameo at the 7:03 point?

It doesn't get much cheesier. Awesome.