Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Handsome Name...

Years and years ago when I was first married, my wife looked at me and very thoughtfully said, "You know, I think that Glenn is a really handsome name."

She thought about it for a minute and looked at me again,

"You don't really look like a Glenn. You look more like a Dennis."

And we're still married.


Into the Wood's said...

HA....I remember that...It was so innocent it was really funny... So Musings of the Red-headed zombies-- what is that-- besides clever-- I'm excited that the genius inside your head is going to open up and share-- and yes, I'll put on my seatbelt 'cause I expect it will be a wild !

Glenn Ostlund said...

Seat belt? Wild ride? Um... Ok. Thanks mom. (how embarassing)

The red-headed zombies is an obscure allusion to Lost. On one of last years' podcasts, the producers were responding to a fan question about why there weren't any hot red heads on the island, because red heads are hot. The producers joked that they would include some hot red heads in their upcoming zombie season (a little in-joke they have been running for a few years -- that if the show drags on and on they will have to resort to a zombie season where they bring back all the characters they have killed off just to keep it interesting -- of course, since they now have negotiated a definite end-date with ABC, the proposed zombie season is.. well... um... dead).

So as they were discussing this, they said "red-headed zombies" and then paused and commented that that would be a super-cool band name. I thought so too. So I dun stolled it.

And the genuis is actually in my left foot, so...